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Porsche Paint Protection Film

6th February 2019
Porsche Paint Protection

Porsche Paint Protection Film Installation

This stunning Porsche 911 Turbo S was delivered to our studio in Swallowfield, Reading to receive our popular “Track Pack” PPF service. The owner wanted to ensure the most vulnerable areas of the Porsche were fully protected before hitting the road.

Prepping the Porsche for PPF

The first job was a snow foam safe wash outside our studio in Reading before bringing the vehicle in to our clean rooms and raising the Porsche up on our ramps for our full 22 stage decontamination.

After a final inspection by the detailing team, the Porsche was in immaculate condition and ready for the first piece of PPF.

Installing PPF

Installing clear pre-cut paint protection film is an intricate job. The pieces of film are digitally cut using the latest technology to ensure it fits perfectly on areas such as the Porsche’s side sills

Benefits of applying Paint Protection Film to your Porsche

Virtually Invisible Film
Advanced Water Resistant Surface*
Stain Resistance
High Gloss Properties

Fin out more about Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film StudioOur detailing studio in Reading, Berkshire has purpose built clean rooms designed for the application of LLumar and Premium Shield’s self-healing Paint Protection Film. The same applies when we’re applying Gtechniq’s Ceramic Sealant onto your car. The environment in which these protectants are applied needs to be as clean and pure as possible.

Take a look at our photo gallery below to see the finished result

Interested in Protecting the Paintwork on your Porsche?

If you’re interested in having your beloved pride and joy protected, speak with our team at our Harrogate studio today. We can provide Paint Protection systems for any car. It doesn’t matter if this is a Fiat or Ferrari, our luxury car care protection products will protect your pride and joy. Included in this is a Ceramic Sealant from Gtechniq, Wax protection from Swissvax, and a self-healing film from LLumar. We are now also able to offer a windscreen protection! It helps to prevent stones from damaging your original windscreen – which can become costly. Call us on 0118 327 5000 or email us for a personalised quote at detailing@reepsoutheast.co.uk

Your Local Paint Protection Film Specialists

Take advantage of our Porsche paint protection services.
We service clients in and around Berkshire.
Below is a list of the areas we cover, click the link to find directions from your chosen location.

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